7 Effective Pain Medications Doesn’t Require Prescription

7 Effective Pain Medications Doesn’t Require Prescription

Pain medicines are known as “analgesic”. They just increase the threshold of the body to bear pain.  Main reason of pain must be known. The pain is due to lack of nutrients, accidents, stress, etc.  Medicines are in wide range which helps to overcome mild to severe pain, which is due to many reasons.

Analgesics are of two types:

1) anesthetic, which has temporary effect and used for normal pain in daily routine.

2) Non- steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSIDs) which eliminates completely pain and sensation. They are mostly opiod drugs such as morphine, tapentadol, etc. There are many medicines which are easily available on asking for pain relief medicines. They do not require prescription compulsorily. They are as follow:

1) Carisoprodol:

Soma is the brand name of the drug carisoprodol.  It helps to get rid of acute to severe pain. it is used when person has suffered from accident or gone through major surgery or even pain due to cancer or stroke. It also helps in erectile hyper function, making one’s sex life enjoyable and good.  Basically, it blocks the pain sensations between the nerve and brain making one feel relax from the pain. Dosage of soma is one tablet thrice a day. This medication is easily available online with or without prescription.

2) Tramadol:

Tramdol is the pain killer used to cure moderate to severe pain. It is an opiod pain killer.  It is one of the best generic medicines exported from India all over the globe. Easily available for patients suffering from pain and cannot rush to the hospital. It can help instantly to relief from pain.

3) Tapentadol:

Tapentadol is used as pain killer,  get relief from acute to severe pain, due to accidents, injuries or any surgeries.  It is also used for chronic musculoskeletal pain. it is also used to control pain of diabetic neuropathy. The potency of this drug is somewhere between tramdol and morphine.  Tapentadol is best medicine used as pain killer with less narcotic effect and easily available online as well as offshore.

4) Paracetamol:

the basic pain killer of all. People with any kind of disorder are given with paracetamol. It easily available with all the medical stores whether online or offshore. Many other medicines are combined with this drug for better result. It works as antipyretic as well as analgesic.

5) Celebrex: 

Celecoxib, brand name of Celebrex. It is non steroidal, anti inflammatory drug. It is used to treat pain and inflammation due to  any type of arthritis. It is marketed by Pfizer. It is easily available at any medical store. It best selling drug of today’s date.

6) Ibuprofen: 

It is analgesic, anti pyretic and anti inflammatory. It is very commonly used by medical practiconers. It is non steroidal drug. Prescription is not at all compulsory to buy this drug. It is very safe and taken for fever and pain.

7) Tylenol:

It can be referred to same as paracetamol. Tylenol is American generic brand for acetaminophen. It is used for mild to severe pain. it can be easily access to people with or without prescription. Best medication for pain.

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