5 Ugly Truths About Anxiety and Stress

5 Ugly Truths About Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is most common problem in the world today. Every next person have got the problem. Today no one says that he is happy or satisfied. Everyone keeps complaining of one or the other thing. People are not satisfied and happy where negative thoughts takes place and slowly lead to anxiety. It is very dangerous. People not living their dreams because they are not leaving their fear.

The ugly truths of anti anxiety are:

1. It is not to be confused with stress

Anxiety is what keeps person saying no, can’t, cannot, etc. it keeps mind in negative state for anything. Stress is what comes and goes for certain  situation or time. Anxiety makes the house in human mind slowly and steadily and does not goes easily. People mistaken stress and anxiety, both are different. Yes, but if stress is not cured or prevented then can lead to anxiety. Anxiety is like termite which makes body empty.

2. It is a Joke Setter

While on medication of anxiety person feels relax and good. Sometimes, the person may feel so happy and good that he is on 9th cloud and have got all the happiness of the world. Can relax and enjoy his life easily without medications but it is wrong, only one day a person can feel relax and cam. But very next day he is back to same position. In fact even worse situation. It does not leaves the body easily.

3. Feeling of Loneliness

There might be hundreds of people around but the person will feel lonely and disturbed. He is not able to share things with anyone. He goes on thinking and thinking on negative things. Making oneself ill and depressed. When there is anxiety attack, person doesn’t  like to go anywhere or socialize with anyone. They want to sit in dark corner and their mind goes on thinking. It makes people alone from friends, family and world.

4. Things bothers a lot

When there is anxiety attack, the thing equal to mustard seed seems to be like mountain. Small things makes worry a lot and makes the person to think a lot. They get stressed on small things and have many other problems. People forget that it doesn’t matters a lot. Even that thing might not have head or tail but makes the person to think and over think. It gives negative and scary thoughts.

5. It is major mental illness

People do not take it a serious disorder. They think they are not mad or need the help of psychiatrist. They take it lightly and does not realize how harm it can cause and also have a threat to end life.