5 Tips to treat anxiety without medications

5 Tips to treat anxiety without medications

As a comprehensive specialist rehearsing in New York City, I see a ton of depression. A considerable measure. What’s more, I’m demoralized to see such a significant number of my patients on heaps of mental drugs that are not really helping and may even be causing hurt. In the interim, these exceptionally sedated people are as yet experiencing nervousness or anxiety! This is on the grounds that we’re turning out badly. Depression isn’t a Xanax-insufficiency disorder. The brain, body and soul are altogether engaged with anxiety, yet I consider anxiety is most importantly a physiologic issue; it’s a confusion of the body. There is so much we can do with eating regimen and way of life to oversee tension, and quite a bit of it is more secure and more compelling than prescription.

If you are suffering from a higher level of anxiety we would suggest you to visit your doctor and discuss about your anxiety issues and you can Order Anti Anxiety Medications with valid prescription.

Here are few tricks to manage anxiety without using drugs

1) Maintain a stable blood sugar level

When sugar level in body gets disturbed , our body overcome with depression We discharge stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, which signals our liver to make more glucose to keep us alive.

The uplifting news: We remain alive.                                                                                                                                              The awful news: This hormonal pressure reaction feels similar to depression

2) Sleep well

Getting sufficient great quality rest is your best insurance against anxiety depression could cause us sleeping disorder and makes our body and mind stay awake for long hours.

From many years it is proven that high consumption of caffeine can cause you many health problems and lack of sleep and it is being highly advised to reduce consumption of caffeine, Reducing the caffeine in your daily diets can helps you sleep better.

3) Exercise is the best way to treat depression or anxiety

Physical exercise plays an important role for not only treating anxiety but many other health issues. Daily 30-60 minutes of exercise is advised to every person to stay away from health issues. If you are unable to go to the gym or workout centre due to some reasons, you can still do some physical exercise at home including warm-ups , muscle stretch ,running and few other. Jogging in the early morning is the best exercise ever to stay healthy and stay away from anxiety disorder.

4) Avoid alcohol and smoking

Numerous individuals trust that having an alcohol in a small quantity will enable them to feel more relieved. Nonetheless, in case you’re noticing depression intake of alcohol may make situation more worse. Reducing consumption of alcohol from your daily activities or completely avoiding alcohol will help you to live better life and stay away from depression and anxiety disorders. Smoking is also a major factor that causing anxiety disorders, when an individual is suffering from depression and smoke the seriousness of your depression can influence to treatment.

Studies have indicated on numerous occasions that smoking reduces depression is a myth. Numerous individuals smoke keeping in mind to adapt with life, yet examines have demonstrated that smoking really builds depression.

5) Regular intake of minerals , vitamins

Eat healthy food with high fibre and calories to make sure that you meet the daily needs of your body, regular intake of vitamins, minerals, calories and fibre helps treating anxiety disorders. If you are not able to provide sufficient protein and minerals to your body through your daily diet you can consume vitamins and mineral tablets.