5 Things to Know About Pain Relief Medication

5 Things to Know About Pain Relief Medication

Pain killer drugs are available both with and without prescription. Each very individual is unique and each body reacts differently to each medicine. Your physician will be the best judge of your pain relief medicine to be prescribed. You can buy the medicines from pharmacy or also have the option of buying pain killer medications online. From wherever you buy the medicines, you should know follow things about pain relief medications

1. Different Types of Painkillers:

Not all the painkillers have same mechanism of action. Each molecule has its mechanism and duration of action. NSAIDS are the medicines which can work on fever, pain and inflammation, whereas acetaminophen is not a good option for inflammation. Apart from this opioid analgesics, act on brain nullifying pain signals are prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Opioid analgesic seems to have drug dependency and should be taken only under medical supervision. From the available pain reliever drugs, your physician will prescribe the medicine which best suits you.

2. Gastrointestinal Health:

People who are prescribed NSAID for longterm therapy are also prescribed proton pump inhibitors. NSAIDs irritate the gastric mucosa which results in excessive secretion of gastric acid. People often suffer from increased gastric acidity. COX-2 inhibitor seems to be friendly on stomach.

3. Cardiovascular health:

People taking aspirin as an anticoagulant will loose efficacy of aspirin when a NSAID is consumed. NSAIDs and aspirin should be taken with a gap, if you are taking aspirin first wait for 30 mins or if you are taking NSAID first give a gap of 8 hours before taking aspirin. Aspirin is prescribed to thicken blood or prevent clot formation which can result in heart attack and strokes. All NSAIDs are known to increase blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more prone to its adverse effects. Taking regular dose of antihypertensive pill will not work out. Even people with normal blood pressure will experience high blood pressure. COX-2 inhibitors were introduced in the market to escape the adverse effect on NSAIDS on stomach but these drugs seemed to have adverse effect on heart. Rofecoxib was pulled from the market as the drug increased the risk of heart attack. The other newer COX-2 inhibitors celecoxib and valdecoxib does not seem to be risky on heart and are currently being prescribed.

4. Kidney and Liver:

All NSAIDs are difficult on kidney and can result in kidney failure. The symptoms of adverse effects on NSAIDS on Kidneys include nausea, vomiting, weakness and change in urine output. Taking acetaminophen for long duration of time can have adverse effects on liver. Large doses can damage your liver. Acetaminophen even in moderate doses for long duration was tough on liver. Alcohol and acetaminophen is a deadly combination which further increases liver damage.

5. Generic Medicines:

Generic medicines have the same effect as the originator product which is available at a cheaper price. There are a number of online portals which offer pain relief drugs online.