5 Super Ways to Beat Over Anxiety Disorder

5 Super Ways to Beat Over Anxiety Disorder

Everyone gets the feeling of nervousness or anxious. Some get butterflies in stomach due to some situation or excitement. It is quite normal due to human nature. But when the situation worsen is should be taken care off. Person getting more anxious or have the negative feeling and thoughts for all the situations. Must be taken care and should be treated with time. Anxiety in today’s world has become more  serious issue. It have  been told that “ Anxiety is the modern epidemic”. There are many medications available to control such problems. There are even natural ways to control them.

1) Exercise regularly:

Our bodies are machine and they need to be moved on regularly. It is the oiling of our body. If one sits ideal doing nothing it is bond to think on things which is of not their concern.  This does not mean you need to be competitive bodybuilder or marathon  runner. It is just a person must keep himself busy. People doing daily work it not just enough for body and mind. It is compulsory to perform exercise or yoga on daily  basis to keep one’s body and mind at peace. This is one of the best way to avoid anxiety.


2) Sleep more:

Every person need sleep of minimum 6 to 8 hours in a day. Today’s generation doesn’t sleep properly. People just run behind money. They don’t think of their health. Today’s youth is on cell phones. There are process which are complex and they take place while body is at rest. Process that flush our bodies toxins, balances the hormones and help to assimilate are all the process which are very necessary for body and mind at peace. They need proper sound sleep.

3) Great counsellor:

When one suffering from such anxious behaviour must find some good counsellor. Who can make his mind clear by every means. Studies show that counselling with medication can improve anxiety symptoms. One must be very much open to  the counsellor and say each  and everything to him. There are various therapies regarding anxiety which helping people a lot.

4) Herbal therapy:

Herbal medicine has been around since humans evolved to live on the earth. It originally started with trial and error- seeing what effects plants had on people living at that time- and hence evolved into a complex system. Trained herbalists, be they form the western or eastern hemisphere, use individualized formula.

5) Deep belly breathing:

This health hack is taught in martial arts, yoga and meditation. It can bring the body’s heart rate, stress level and blood pressure to a stable condition. If the heart is healthy many issues are solved of the body. It also helps in mental disorders. It is very simple to learn and practice at individual level.