10 Signs that Say You Might have Anxiety Disorder

10 Signs that Say You Might have Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is not easy to get traced. We are human beings and stress is our daily thing. You cannot find a person who is not stressed about his life at all. And a little nervousness, restlessness and stress are good for you; it shows that you are going towards the right direction but not a lot of it. When the nervousness or restlessness becomes so frequent that all your social interactions become less and less, that is the time to worry. We have listed out the possible ten signs that will help you to determine whether you have anxiety or not.


  1. Excessive worry– Obviously, the first sign of having an anxiety disorder is excessive worrying. Now you may ask what s meant by excessive. Well, when you worry about a certain level that ruins all your thought processing system and interferes with your daily life as well. There could be other symptoms along with excessive worry as well such as fatigue.
  2. Insomnia– Insomnia or acute sleeping problem is another sign that you are most likely to develop an anxiety disorder. However, you may have one or two sleepless nights, but if it is continuous to be a regular thing, that is the sign of anxiety. Also, having a restless morning after a sleepless night is also a possible sign.
  3. Unreasonable fear– If you are worrying too much about unreasonable danger or you cannot rest because an irrational fear creeps you out always, it could be a cue to anxiety. We all have phobias or unfeasible fears in our lives. But if that fear reaches out your personal life and messes it up, it is something to be worried about.
  4. Muscle fatigues– As I have said earlier, muscle tension or muscle fatigue is a serious sign of anxiety disorder. If you have a constant muscle tension such as you feel your muscle pain while clenching your jaw or balling your fists, it could be a hint of anxiety.
  5. Indigestion problem– Anxiety starts in your mind, but it often causes indigestion problems. Irritable bowel syndrome, gas, cramping, bloating, constipation etc. are signs of having an anxiety disorder.
  6. Self-consciousness– Almost everyone out there is self-conscious when they are in public. However, it turns to be a problem when your self-consciousness crosses the limit. If you are too much conscious of every other social situation, you might be having an anxiety disorder.
  7. Sudden panic attacks– Sudden panic attacks are a sure sign of having an anxiety disorder. Whenever you feel like getting trapped in space or as if someone if grabbing your neck hard and not letting you go, that is the panic attack. It is the ultimate sign of having anxiety.
  8. OCD– OCD or too much perfection could be another sign of anxiety. When you feel way too much disturbed seeing something messy, it is a cue to anxiety.
  9. Flashbacks– A sudden flashbacks of any traumatic incidents or an accident or a sudden death of loved ones could be a sign of anxiety disorder.
  10. Self- doubt– Constant second guessing about yourself or doubting yourself way out of line is a sure sign of having a serious anxiety disorder.


So, if you are facing with these symptoms all at a once, you better consult with a doctor right away. Anxiety is an absolute curable mental problem if caught early. See a doctor right away and live happily!