10 controlled medications that contains narcotic ingredients

10 controlled medications that contains narcotic ingredients

Is Narcotic Ingredients are used For pain relief medications

Narcotic Ingredients reduces pain as well as they work as psychoactive compound i.e. sleep inducting property. They medicines and other compounds are legally band in many countries due to its abuse and high potency of high forming, with lost of side effects Morphine, heroin and thebaine are the primary three the drugs associated with opiates and opioids are banned in many countries. Some of them are

1)  Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone sold under the brand name vicodin and norco.  It is narcotic analgesic used to reduce mild to serve pain. It is mainly in liquid form as cough suppress out. It is habit forming .

2)  Oxycodone

Oxycodone is semi-synthetic opiate, synthesize from thebaine. It is used as pain-killer. It helps in moderate to severe pain Oxycodone is brand name for oxycontin. It is available in both controlled and immediate form. It is banned in the states of USA.

3) Morphine

It is pain medication. It is an opiate variety. It acts directly on central nervous system. It have high potetional of abuse and addiction. It causes respiratory depression, immune deficiency depression and many more. It have adverse effects on human body.

4) Dilaudid

It is an opiod. It is brand name for dihydromorphinone. It is NSAIDs pain Killer. It is derivative of morphine. It have same adverse effects on human body and can also prove to be fatal.

5) Codeine

Codeine is an opiate medication. It is used as pain killer, cough and for diarrhoea. It can be used to treat severe to acute pain and as cough syrup. It have great potency of abuse and addiction. Common side effects are drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, etc. It makes person lethargic directly acting on central nervous system.

6) Oxymorphone

It is powerful semi synthetic opiate. It is used as Analgesic. It sold under the brand name of Numorphon. It is highly addicitive and in June 2012 FDA asked Manufacturer to stop exporting in the states of USA. Endo international voluntarily removed Opana R from the market . Generic Version are still available in USA.

7) Diamorphine (Heroin)

Heroin is also known as diamorphine. It is an Opiod Which is mostly used for recreational purpose. Medically it is used in some countries as pain relieving drug. It is available in injection form mostly injected in veins. It is a drug of high abuse and habit forming. It have many side effects and can be fatal.

8) Subutex

Buprenorphine is sold under the brand name subutex. It is an Opiod. It is used for acute to chronic pain. It can be used as skin potch injection or tablets. Side effects may include respiratory depression, allergic reactions, low blood pressure etc. Opioid withdrawal following stopping subutex is less severe.

9) Ketamine

Ketalar is the brand name of ketamine. It is used as pain killer, anaesthesia, redaction and also helps in memory loss. The use of this drugs was approved by USA government in 1970. It was used as anthesia in the Vietnam war. It is one of the essential medication in who list medicines.

10)  Adderall

It is drugs made up of 4 different amphetamine salts. It is used for treating in attention hyperactivity impulsivity and other symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD).  It has been placed in schedule. It category due to its high potency of drugs abuse. It have fewer side effected as compared to other medications.

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